Your production company or crew member

Loveframe is a production company based in the High Coast, Örnsköldsvik, northern Sweden. My name is Nils Bjuggstam, a filmmaker with a passion for cinematic quality, creativity and the outdoor lifestyle.



Loveframe offers a full-service, scalable production unit, guaranteeing high quality content in a small crew framework. Together with our partner Adventure production, we can also offer large commercial sets with a complete motor crane setup.

Crew Member

Whether you need a multi-tasker or a specialist, I would love to be part of your crew. The many varied productions I have led or participated in over the years have given me vast experience and solid proficiency in the many roles of a filmmaker.


Location Scouting

Born and raised in the High Coast of Sweden, I can be your guide in search of the perfect location for your outdoor lifestyle commercials, be it the grand landscape scenery or a hidden beach strip on a remote island.

Stock Photage

Stock Footage

Stock footage is available on request.

Aerial Cinema

Aerial Cinematography

Since I am a pilot myself aerial cinematography is close to my heart. With over a decade of aerial experience Loveframe provides aerial footage using Helicopter and Drone. 


Beyond the professional pictures and phrases, I am an ordinary father of three struggling like most to find a good work – life balance. Family, friends, love of nature and the camera are at the core of my endeavors. I am a dreamer, sometimes even naive, but I believe this is also the key to my constant strive to set new goals and to reach further. As a wise man or woman once said; ”go to bed with a dream, wake up with a plan”. 



NYA-EVO brings a new breed of adventure backpack to the camera equipment market and I am very proud to have them as my partner.


Loveframe AB

Postal address: Box 809, 891 18 Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Visiting address: Lasarettsgatan 5, 891 33 Örnsköldsvik